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Do you know there is <TOKYO ONE PIECE TOWER>in Tokyo Tower which is a landmark of Tokyo?
Today, I’m going to introduce about <TOKYO ONE PIECE TOWER>because I have enjoyed shows, attractions, meal and shopping.


Have you ever stayed at the capsule hotel?
Capsule hotels are hotels that provide beds shaped like capsules (box-shaped).
As this style of hotel can only be found in Japan,
its uniqueness makes it very popular with foreigners.

DiCE Ikebukuro
~Internet Cafe~

The “DiCE Ikebukuro” I introduce this time has 2nd floor to 10th floor as world class of Internet cafe.
I heard here is really comfortable place that there are more than 200,000 “manga” books and more than 100 types of drinks,I am going to find out what the specialty is……

we, Cool Japan@City, are thinking about introducing many attractive stores(spots).
If you have some recommendation, please tell us about the store.

Cool Japan@City is looking for the model who can be on our article or pages, and who delivers the attractive japan to the world.
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  • maidreamin “AKIHABARA  LIVE RESTAURANT Heaven’s Gate”

    maidreamin “AKIHABARA LIVE RESTAURANT Heaven’s Gate”

    It is the most excited store that also has live service enjoyed by osmosis of idol culture as well as original “Moe service” of a maid cafe like the former. Overseas one also has Japanese idol culture enjoyed, seeing a live show, and it has good reputation.

  • BLUES T-BONE [Bar]~Kagoshima~

    BLUES T-BONE [Bar]~Kagoshima~

    No matter who you listen to music or not, T-BONE teaches you a "real blues" through the music. People who have been here are saying T-BONE is the vital place for music and Kagoshima. Now it is your turn to spread T-BONE to the world. Nice music, Nice people, and Nice talking will be the memorable time and make you to come here again. Let's "BLUES" with T-BONE.



    In April 1st, “NADESHIKO HOTEL SHIBUYA”, which is the capsule hotel for women who are tourists, is opened at Shibuya in Tokyo by USEN that is the biggest company of wire broadcasting. You can dress Yukata as rooms wear, and the customer services are like Japanese hotel.  

  • K-BOOKS  [Anime Shop]  ~Akihabara Shinkan~

    K-BOOKS [Anime Shop] ~Akihabara Shinkan~

    There are many comics, illustrations, and novels more than about 17 million books in wide-store! We prepare a lot of new publications and a wide range of old comics for you.

  • K-BOOKS  [Anime Shop]  ~Live Kan Akihabara~

    K-BOOKS [Anime Shop] ~Live Kan Akihabara~

    We sell and purchase the goods of music and voice actors at K-BOOKS Live-Kan Akihabara. We expand various goods. For example… iDOL M@STER, LOVE LIVE!, Tokyo 7th Sisters, Wake Up Girls!, Macross, Hatsune Miku, and female voice actors!

  • K-BOOKS  [Anime Shop]  ~Akihabara Otome Kan~

    K-BOOKS [Anime Shop] ~Akihabara Otome Kan~

    A femake's holy place K-BOOKS Akihabara Otome Kan opens in the Akihabara Radio Kaikan 4F! Boys' comics relation, girl's game relation, stage drama & musical relation of goods,etc. popular with female are many! coming to the store -- We are waiting.

  • K-BOOKS  [Anime Shop]  ~Akihabara MEN’S Kan~

    K-BOOKS [Anime Shop] ~Akihabara MEN’S Kan~

    This is a store which is specialized in the goods for men and gentleman purveyor. You can get what you want, for example… game softs, special goods, some covers of hug pillow, tapestry, telephone cards, the products of related Bishoujyo games and males, comics for adults and illustlation books!!

  • IRORI HOSTEL and KITCHEN ~Nihonbashi~

    IRORI HOSTEL and KITCHEN ~Nihonbashi~

    For travellers who want to experience the local side of Japan, welcome to 'IRORI HOSTEL and KITCHEN'. At IRORI HOSTEL and KITCHEN, we have a big kitchen and irori (the traditional Japanese cooking hearth/fireplace).

  • MANDARAKE  [Anime Shop]  ~Nakano~

    MANDARAKE [Anime Shop] ~Nakano~

    It is the biggest collector shop which deals with Manga and Anime. In Nakano broadways, the shop is divided from 27 of specialized store such as manga, toys, anime CD&DVD, game, brochure, clothes, and those are specialized each genre.

  • UNO-KOKU [Wasyoku] ~Nogizaka~

    UNO-KOKU [Wasyoku] ~Nogizaka~

    Aiming at making delicious cooking good for the health which harnessed seasonal foods, we are doing our best. Please enjoy a calm time in a relaxed atmosphere with your friend and co-worker to whom the disposition became known.

  • Le FAVORI [French] ~Akasaka~

    Le FAVORI [French] ~Akasaka~

    Keeping a trinity of the fabulous Akasaka- flavored interior, trained staffs and perfect dishes, “Le FAVORI” incarnates the hospitality for guests not to lose their interest ever.

  • TAKAYAMA [Sushi]  ~Ginza~

    TAKAYAMA [Sushi] ~Ginza~

    The sushi store which an art dealer manages, and the style of sushi store doesn't have this until now. We also give a function as a work-of-art gallery to the sushi store in the Ginza, Tokyo, and provide a guest with rich time for "the every day of art"  "the art of food" to be compatible.  

  • ROUND ONE STADIUM  [Entertainment&Sports] ~Diver City Tokyo Plaza~

    ROUND ONE STADIUM [Entertainment&Sports] ~Diver City Tokyo Plaza~

    There are bowling, karaoke, darts, billiards, and “Spo-cha” which is combined Sports and Amusement, so you can play futsal, 3on3, tennis, batting… etc for a whole day.  

  • COSBEAUTY [Cosme Online Shop]

    COSBEAUTY [Cosme Online Shop]

    CosBeauty, focuses on small beauty technology and personal skincare device, dedicated to delivering a more effective, more brilliant, more safe skincare experience to global women even comes with personalized skincare solution.

  • BUZZ GARDEN [Organic Wine&Bread] ~Ueno~

    BUZZ GARDEN [Organic Wine&Bread] ~Ueno~

    This store adheres to pan buffet, organic dishes and organic wine Not only the buffet of bread but Take Out is possible. Because the space for dogs is also prepared for inside of a shop, it is popular with a dog lover.

  • J-WORLD TOKYO [Theme Park] ~Ikebukuro~

    J-WORLD TOKYO [Theme Park] ~Ikebukuro~

    C)B/S・F・T (C)O/S・F・T (C)K S/S・T・P Fun and unique attractions of "ONE PIECE","DRAGON BALL"and"NARUTO" are here in J-WORLD TOKYO!

  • Nijigen COSPA (4F) & COSPA (5F)  [ANIME SHOP]  ~Akihabara~

    Nijigen COSPA (4F) & COSPA (5F) [ANIME SHOP] ~Akihabara~

    - Nijigen COSPA Akiba the main store 4F The official shop of a Moe character-goods brand "2D COSPA" of the character apparel & goods maker "COSPA, Inc."  

  • COSPA AKIHABARA   [ANIME SHOP]  ~ Narita Satellite Station  ~

    COSPA AKIHABARA [ANIME SHOP] ~ Narita Satellite Station ~

    The limited time official shop of character hobby goods brand "COSPA" of a character apparel & goods maker's "COSPA, Inc." Popular anime, manga, game character goods such as "Mobile Suit Gundam", "Dragon Ball," "One Piece", "EVANGELION", "Hatsune Miku" are assembled!  

  • GEE!STORE  [ANIME SHOP]  ~Akiba~


    The COSPA official shop is contained and character apparels, goods, formal costume play clothes, etc. are substantial. Otherwise, figures, Dolls, and New Japan Professional Wrestling formal goods are treated.

  • GEE!STORE  [ANIME SHOP]  ~Osaka~


    The store which aids the character life which gathers from character apparels, goods, figures, formal costume play clothes, Dolls, etc. even to any comics, books, magazine, and New Japan Professional Wrestling formal goods.

  • GEE!STORE  [ANIME SHOP]  ~Sendai~


    A character apparel, goods, figures, formal costume play clothes, Dolls, comics, books, magazines Up to New Japan Professional Wrestling formal goods! The store which aids the character life which gathers anything.

  • GEE!STORE  [ANIME SHOP]  ~Fukuoka~

    GEE!STORE [ANIME SHOP] ~Fukuoka~

    The store which aids the character life to which character apparels, goods, figures, Dole, formal costume play clothes, such as popular anime game comics, and various items, such as New Japan Professional Wrestling formal goods.

  • GEE!STORE  [ANIME SHOP]  ~Nagoya~


    Products offered which enrich character lives, such as character goods, formal costume play clothes, Dolle, books, games, trading cards, and New Japan Professional Wrestling formal goods!

  • MOFF REEL  [Rabbit Cafe]  ~Akihabara~

    MOFF REEL [Rabbit Cafe] ~Akihabara~

    The genre of the store called an animal cafe, MOFF REEL has the concept that you can contact with rabbits as store name. Rabbit our shop is friendly, so they will jump onto your knee or shoulder as playing. I had a thought that the rabbits are not such a friendly, and you have thought you want to spend the healing time with them. Here you can.

  • WAREHOUSE [Game Center] ~Kawasaki~

    WAREHOUSE [Game Center] ~Kawasaki~

    In the warehouse Kawasaki store, the concept of "being offer about the non-every day which is stimulative and full of a grown-up high-class feeling" is hung up, and "Kowloon City who was in Hong Kong" is used as the motif.  

  • SWALLOWTAIL  [Steward Cafe]  ~Ikebukuro~

    SWALLOWTAIL [Steward Cafe] ~Ikebukuro~

    This hall is a coffee shop which has delicious tea and sweets in stock abundantly, and can enjoy graceful time. The attractive house steward is waiting for your return.

  • K-BOOKS  [Anime Shop]  ~Akihabara Honkan~

    K-BOOKS [Anime Shop] ~Akihabara Honkan~

    Here are many old and new goods,"KANCOLLE","KEION",etc...!! Even the hobby goods like figures, CD, DVD (Blu-ray), game software, and comic are assembled!

  • K-BOOKS  [Cosplay Shop]  ~Ikebukuro Cosplay Kan~

    K-BOOKS [Cosplay Shop] ~Ikebukuro Cosplay Kan~

    It is a cosplayer's holy place birth to the Otome road of Ikebukuro! Here are the large volumes of about 2,000 or more goods for cosplayers , such as used costume play clothes, accessories and  wigs! It is number of goods under multiplication every day!

  • GUNDAM Cafe [Concept Cafe] ~Akihabara~

    GUNDAM Cafe [Concept Cafe] ~Akihabara~

    ⒸSOTSU・SUNRISE The GUNDAM Cafe was designed as an entertaining, immersive "base of operations" for fans to enjoy the world of GUNDAM. It is the only offisial GUNDAM Cafe. It is located in Akihabara,Tokyo.

  • MANYO-CLUB [Hot Spring]  ~Yokohama~

    MANYO-CLUB [Hot Spring] ~Yokohama~

    The scenery of Yokohama Minato Mirai can be overlooking a large panorama in the rooftop footbath garden , you can taste hot water, food and healing, relaxation, staying to fully.  

  • cure maid cafe’  [Maid Cafe]  ~Akihabara~

    cure maid cafe’ [Maid Cafe] ~Akihabara~

    As "original healing maid cafe" in 2001 founded, a lot of customers, such as those of the neighboring office and tourists in Akihabara have the healing moments in a relaxed setting.

  • TOKYO ONE PIECE TOWER [Theme Park] ~Tokyo Tower~

    TOKYO ONE PIECE TOWER [Theme Park] ~Tokyo Tower~

    It is the first large-sized theme park of the anime "ONEPIECE" under series in history with a boys comic magazine "Weekly Shonen Jump" (Shueisha).    

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