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  • J-Hoppers Osaka [Guest House] ~Osaka~

    J-Hoppers Osaka [Guest House] ~Osaka~

    We are a friendly hostel located near Umeda Sky building, with 'lots of bars/izakaya/restaurants nearby. We have Wi-Fi throughout as well as air conditioning, laundry facilities and a rooftop terrace. We have events on some days of the night which makes it easy to meet new friends.

  • J-Hoppers Osaka Universal~Guest House~Osaka

    J-Hoppers Osaka Universal~Guest House~Osaka

    J-Hoppers Osaka Universal is the second branch of J-hoppers Osaka located right outside of Universal Studios Japan and is only 10 minutes from Osaka station on the JR Sakurajima line. We have a spacious living room with comfortable couch and screen where you can watch movies every night. Our hostel specializes in large group such as family or friends, individuals are also warmly welcomed.

  • schatzkiste [Akihabara Culture Cafe]  ~Akihabara~

    schatzkiste [Akihabara Culture Cafe] ~Akihabara~

    Schatzkiste that means treasure box in German is the concept café of the private library which provides pounding or thrilling to the customer. A black long skirt and a white apron… you can experience the “Akihabara (Otaku) Culture” lively or hotly while drinking tea that classical maids serve. We schedule talk events, exhibitions, or club activities, so please visit and join us if you can make it.

  • Samurai Armor Photo Studio ~Shibuya~

    Samurai Armor Photo Studio ~Shibuya~

    In Samurai Armor Photo Studio, we prepared the best armor that the craft man imitated the real armor the warrior actually used before in terms of materials and manufactural technique. Please feel the “real” armor that is used in the movie and TV.

  • SWEET BOX 1 [Crepe] ~Harajuku~

    SWEET BOX 1 [Crepe] ~Harajuku~

    SWEET BOX is selected by many customers for some years in the battleground area of crepe called Takeshita Street, Harajuku. Completed our dough that we learned from trial and errors haven’t change since we starts the business; we keep the tastes by original compound and mixing by hand (without any machines) every times. We make thin skin that is the root of crepe, and we start to make after we get order. Therefore, you can enjoy the crispy at first and chewy texture after that      

  • SWEET BOX 2 [Crepe] ~Harajuku~

    SWEET BOX 2 [Crepe] ~Harajuku~

    This is the second store of “SWEET BOX” which is popular in Takeshita Street, Harajuku, and it just opened in October, 2015. There are three cashiers, so we can provide you the crepe speedy.      

  • HOTEL PARK SIDE [Hotel] ~Ueno~

    HOTEL PARK SIDE [Hotel] ~Ueno~

    The hotels and park-side, which is located near Ueno park Shinobazuike where there are many gorgeous flowers, has service of relax space with heals the stress, and can spend the ease time with comform.

  • KOROMO [Tempura] ~Ueno~

    KOROMO [Tempura] ~Ueno~

    The Japanese bar where the best sellers are Tempura and fishes. Womens or elderly people can eat tempura easily because the koromo is really thin, and also you can eat the real taste of the food materials.

  • LING-FU [Chinese Seafood] ~Ueno~

    LING-FU [Chinese Seafood] ~Ueno~

    It pasts around 35 years to innovate the nouvelle chinois to traditional Kanton cuisine in Ueno, Tokyo. Please enjoy to eat “good material and good taste” that Seafood restraint, “LING-FU”, chased for some years.

  • PARK TOP [Bar Lounge] ~Ueno~

    PARK TOP [Bar Lounge] ~Ueno~

    The top of the bar lounge has the ease atmosphere with the great view of Ueno forest .and pop designed chair. Pleased enjoy to spend the bar time and drink with piano music.

  • REAL ESCAPE ROOM ASAKUSA [Entertainment] – Asakusa

    REAL ESCAPE ROOM ASAKUSA [Entertainment] – Asakusa

    You can play participatory game/event, “Real Escape Game”; you actually locked in the room, and you need to escape from the room within the time limit by solving the mysteries in the room. The time limit is 30 minutes, and the required time is 1 hour, so you can play if you have even short time. We support English and Chinese.      

  • ASSORT TOKYO[Hair Salon]~Tokyo~

    ASSORT TOKYO[Hair Salon]~Tokyo~

    Our strong points are the wide range of stylists and the comfortable atmosphere which is born by each kind staff. We always consider what we can do for the customers based on the technique and the trend. We cover the feminine design and also mode design, so please come to ASSORT and we are always welcome.

  • Asakusa NARITAYA [Ramen]~Asakusa~

    Asakusa NARITAYA [Ramen]~Asakusa~

    Naritaya is a 100% halal noodle restaurant. Halal food is food that followers of Islam are permitted to eat. This means that the food is free of alcohol, pork and pork byproducts such as gelatin. Naritaya can also accommodate vegetarians, so people from all over the world can enjoy this restaurant.

  • Akihabara GAMERS Honten [Anime Shop]  ~Akihabara~

    Akihabara GAMERS Honten [Anime Shop] ~Akihabara~

    Akihabara GAMERS Honten in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo takes 0 min by walk from Akihabara Station of JR, Hibiya line, and Tsukuba Express. There are much information about the events such as the benefits for reservation and purchasing, and privilege that you can meet the anison artists or voice actress. We hold the museum of popular artists, anime, or game as needed.

  • IPPUDO Lumine Est Shinjuku (1/2PPUDO) [Ramen] – Shinjuku

    IPPUDO Lumine Est Shinjuku (1/2PPUDO) [Ramen] – Shinjuku

    “IPPUDO”, which is Hakata Tonkotsu ramen that pursued high quality is loved by all over the world, was opened at Lumine Est. Shinjuku in Shinjuku. The “1/2 PPUDO” is the concept; keep the taste, but cut half of the carbohydrate. Moreover, we add the original side menu and desserts such as hot-press sand or creamy pudding of Rooibos tea.      

  • OAK HOSTEL FUJI [Hostel] ~Asakusa~

    OAK HOSTEL FUJI [Hostel] ~Asakusa~

    Oak Host el Fuji is a dormit ory-style hostel that at tract st ravelers from all over the world. Located a 6-minut e walk from Asakusa st at ion and only a 15-minute walk from Tokyo Sky Tree, it‘s perfectly situated as a base for sight seeing in Tokyo.  

  • OAK HOSTEL ZEN [Hostel] ~Ueno~

    OAK HOSTEL ZEN [Hostel] ~Ueno~

    The popular sightseeing spot "Yanaka" where the city of shrine that remains the old dowontown, The hostel is located near Ueno Park by walk and it is the hostel where many foreigner from all over the world get together. We will provide you the clean and comfortable atmosphere.  

  • OAK HOSTEL CABIN [Hostel] ~Tokyo~

    OAK HOSTEL CABIN [Hostel] ~Tokyo~

    Experience the uniquely Japanese capsule hotel, fully renovated!  

  • OAK HOSTEL NARA [Hostel] ~Nara~

    OAK HOSTEL NARA [Hostel] ~Nara~

    Oak Hostel Nara is located in Nara, 600 m from Kofuku-ji and 1.1 km from Todaiji Temple. Oak Hostel Nara features free WiFi . A TV is available. You will find a shared lounge at the property. The hostel also offers bike hire. Nara Park is 1.3 km from Oak Hostel Nara, while Kasuga Taisha is 1.9 km from the property. The nearest airport is Osaka Itami Airport, 37 km from the property.  

  • Sato san’s Rest [Hostel] ~Minowa~

    Sato san’s Rest [Hostel] ~Minowa~

    "Sato san's Rest is a small guest house (with beds for just 14people) run by family. But we provide Big comfort! We are in downtown Tokyo where you will feel yourself immersed in the historic Japanese Showa-era.

  • JELLY JELLY CAFE [Board Game Cafe] ~Ikebukuro~

    JELLY JELLY CAFE [Board Game Cafe] ~Ikebukuro~

    We opened JELLY JELLY CAFE with the hopes of helping people who wonder: "By boardgames, do you mean like The Game of Life?" or "The rules and such seem too complex for me..." to say "Oh wow, boardgames are really fun!"  

  • JELLY JELLY CAFE [Board Game Cafe] ~Shimokitazawa~

    JELLY JELLY CAFE [Board Game Cafe] ~Shimokitazawa~

    We opened JELLY JELLY CAFE with the hopes of helping people who wonder: "By boardgames, do you mean like The Game of Life?" or "The rules and such seem too complex for me..." to say "Oh wow, boardgames are really fun!"  

  • JELLY JELLY CAFE [Board Game Cafe] ~Fukuoka Tenjin~

    JELLY JELLY CAFE [Board Game Cafe] ~Fukuoka Tenjin~

    We opened JELLY JELLY CAFE with the hopes of helping people who wonder: "By boardgames, do you mean like The Game of Life?" or "The rules and such seem too complex for me..." to say "Oh wow, boardgames are really fun!"  

  • JELLY JELLY CAFE [Board Game Cafe] ~Shibuya~

    JELLY JELLY CAFE [Board Game Cafe] ~Shibuya~

    We opened JELLY JELLY CAFE with the hopes of helping people who wonder: "By boardgames, do you mean like The Game of Life?" or "The rules and such seem too complex for me..." to say "Oh wow, boardgames are really fun!"  

  • One WORLD  [International Hair Salon] ~Azabu Juban~

    One WORLD [International Hair Salon] ~Azabu Juban~

    Thanks to our Salons location, We have welcomed international clients from over 30 different countries so far. We all speak English here in One World, please do not worry about any troubles with language communication!  

  • Emblem Hostel Nishiarai Cafe&Bar ~Nishiarai~

    Emblem Hostel Nishiarai Cafe&Bar ~Nishiarai~

    "Emblem Hostel is a brand-new hostel designed for international travelers who seek fun, comfortable and unique accommodation options. Our hostel offers more than a simple stay - cultural and intellectual experiences through interactions with locals, other guests and our staffs. Our hostel is located in the north-east region of Tokyo where you can experience deep part of Tokyo that international tourists have yet cultivated to explore.

  • ROPPONGI KAGUWA [entertainment restaurant] -Roppongi

    ROPPONGI KAGUWA [entertainment restaurant] -Roppongi

    Roppongi Kaguwa is the largest scale of Japanese style dinner theatre. Recently, with an increasing number of Japanese inbound tourism, lots of foreign tourists have visited here for a great experience of new Japanese style entertainment. Please welcome the Roppongi Kaguwa for enjoying a different Japanese culture.      

  • HINOMARU SHOKUDO Shimbashi-so-honten [Izakaya] ~ Shimbashi

    HINOMARU SHOKUDO Shimbashi-so-honten [Izakaya] ~ Shimbashi

    Pass through the store curtain, it is like the food stall (called Yatai). It looks like old, but the inside is clean and easy to relax, and we are trying that all ages and nationalities of men and women can spend great time here. There are lots of deliciousness here that Japanese Yatai culture made.



    COCOFURI's studioes, events, photo sessions are always stick to such locations and situations as delight everyone of cosplay enthusiasts, and the venue was carefully selected, will continue to provide a full clean services.    



    “New Tokyo you have never seen” Colorful and crazy town, Harajuku involved World’s fashion and culture, and created original one. It is like the monster takes in everything and bulged. And this is the café restaurant that visualized TOKYO HARAJUKU like that monster.      

  • Taito Ryokan~Asakusa~

    Taito Ryokan~Asakusa~

    This is the ryokan of hostel/guest house type that keep the appearance of old wooden Japanese house more than 65 years from building which is hardly to see now. It is Sleepover only. Bed making is self service, there are not many amenities, the room is not be quiet because of the nature of building. However, they provides room by cheaper price.

  • MOJO Coffee [Cafe] ~Kagurazaka~

    MOJO Coffee [Cafe] ~Kagurazaka~

    Mojo coffee is popular brand in New Zealand. “Mojo” means the charm of happy. First launch store in Kagurazaka.      

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