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  • JELLY JELLY CAFE [Board Game Cafe] ~Ikebukuro~

    JELLY JELLY CAFE [Board Game Cafe] ~Ikebukuro~

    We opened JELLY JELLY CAFE with the hopes of helping people who wonder: "By boardgames, do you mean like The Game of Life?" or "The rules and such seem too complex for me..." to say "Oh wow, boardgames are really fun!"  

  • JELLY JELLY CAFE [Board Game Cafe] ~Shimokitazawa~

    JELLY JELLY CAFE [Board Game Cafe] ~Shimokitazawa~

    We opened JELLY JELLY CAFE with the hopes of helping people who wonder: "By boardgames, do you mean like The Game of Life?" or "The rules and such seem too complex for me..." to say "Oh wow, boardgames are really fun!"  

  • JELLY JELLY CAFE [Board Game Cafe] ~Fukuoka Tenjin~

    JELLY JELLY CAFE [Board Game Cafe] ~Fukuoka Tenjin~

    We opened JELLY JELLY CAFE with the hopes of helping people who wonder: "By boardgames, do you mean like The Game of Life?" or "The rules and such seem too complex for me..." to say "Oh wow, boardgames are really fun!"  

  • Emblem Hostel Nishiarai Cafe&Bar ~Nishiarai~

    Emblem Hostel Nishiarai Cafe&Bar ~Nishiarai~

    "Emblem Hostel is a brand-new hostel designed for international travelers who seek fun, comfortable and unique accommodation options. Our hostel offers more than a simple stay - cultural and intellectual experiences through interactions with locals, other guests and our staffs. Our hostel is located in the north-east region of Tokyo where you can experience deep part of Tokyo that international tourists have yet cultivated to explore.

  • ROPPONGI KAGUWA [entertainment restaurant] -Roppongi

    ROPPONGI KAGUWA [entertainment restaurant] -Roppongi

    Roppongi Kaguwa is the largest scale of Japanese style dinner theatre. Recently, with an increasing number of Japanese inbound tourism, lots of foreign tourists have visited here for a great experience of new Japanese style entertainment. Please welcome the Roppongi Kaguwa for enjoying a different Japanese culture.      

  • HINOMARU SHOKUDO Shinbashi-so-honten [Izakaya] ~ Shinbashi

    HINOMARU SHOKUDO Shinbashi-so-honten [Izakaya] ~ Shinbashi

    Pass through the store curtain, it is like the food stall (called Yatai). It looks like old, but the inside is clean and easy to relax, and we are trying that all ages and nationalities of men and women can spend great time here. There are lots of deliciousness here that Japanese Yatai culture made.



    COCOFURI's studioes, events, photo sessions are always stick to such locations and situations as delight everyone of cosplay enthusiasts, and the venue was carefully selected, will continue to provide a full clean services.    



    “New Tokyo you have never seen” Colorful and crazy town, Harajuku involved World’s fashion and culture, and created original one. It is like the monster takes in everything and bulged. And this is the café restaurant that visualized TOKYO HARAJUKU like that monster.      

  • Taito Ryokan~Asakusa~

    Taito Ryokan~Asakusa~

    This is the ryokan of hostel/guest house type that keep the appearance of old wooden Japanese house more than 65 years from building which is hardly to see now. It is Sleepover only. Bed making is self service, there are not many amenities, the room is not be quiet because of the nature of building. However, they provides room by cheaper price.

  • MOJO Coffee [Cafe] ~Kagurazaka~

    MOJO Coffee [Cafe] ~Kagurazaka~

    Mojo coffee is popular brand in New Zealand. “Mojo” means the charm of happy. First launch store in Kagurazaka.      

  • MOJO Coffee [Cafe] ~Waseda~

    MOJO Coffee [Cafe] ~Waseda~

    This is the Mojo coffee Waseda which is originated from Wellington, New Zealand. First launch shop is opening in Kagurazaka. We have foods and sweets such as panini and sand witches, so please visit and use as a coffee break, breakfast, lunch, or dinner.      

  • nicocafe [Concept Cafe] ~Ikebukuro

    nicocafe [Concept Cafe] ~Ikebukuro

    Nicocafe provides the foods of course, and all seats can use WI-FI and charge. Nicocafe is the fusion of internet and the reality. The live streaming bar adopt the system of “someone orders this for you” that you can order a drink for someone in the café from the online. HALLOWEEN EVENT 10/29(Sat)・10/30(Sun) @Ikebukuro East Area http://ikebukurocosplay.jp



    Ryokan Sawanoya is located in Yanaka which is called down town and remains old house along the street, and you can feel the traditional culture and people. There are Shrine of Nezu and Shitamachi Museum around the Ryokan Sawanoya.



    Originated from Japan, instant noodles have now become the “Global Diet.” At this interactive museum, you get to learn the history of instant noodles. Visitors can also create their own original Cup Noodles at “My Cupnoodles Factory.” With various hands-on workshops and unique displays, visitors can enjoyably experience and learn importance of discovery and inventiveness.

  • Daihachi Tako Hanamaru [Takoyaki] ~Harajuku~

    Daihachi Tako Hanamaru [Takoyaki] ~Harajuku~

    You can eat real takoyaki in the center of Kawaii, Harajuku. Takoyaki of “Daihachi Tako Hanamaru” is the real Osaka Takoyaki without oil to fry although others use the oil to do it. We have not only original takoyaki, but also a new line ups that you can only eat here. The “real” takoyaki with the selected materials and frying technique by experienced craftsman. Please enjoy our takoyaki, and it is worth to eat it.    

  • SENGOKU BUYUDEN [Izakaya] ~Shinjuku~

    SENGOKU BUYUDEN [Izakaya] ~Shinjuku~

    “The age of provincial wars” is the theme of this izakaya. Of course men, “Rekijo” or “Katana Joshi” that women who like history or katana (Japanese sord), and foreigner often come here.      

  • Park Hotel Tokyo ~Shiodome~

    Park Hotel Tokyo ~Shiodome~

    In 2013, which marked the tenth year since our inception, the Park Hotel Tokyo had set about seeking for a unique market that other hotels had not yet laid eyes on. Fittingly, we settled on targeting customers with interests in art and design. And to differentiate ourselves from other hotels, we have put forth a new concept, “Infinite time and space amid cognizant Japanese beauty”, which would provide the basis to promote Japanese-style hospitality “Omotenashi”.  

  • Shiba Park Hotel 151 ~ Tokyo Hamamatsucho~

    Shiba Park Hotel 151 ~ Tokyo Hamamatsucho~

    We want our guests from overseas to understand more about Japan, to fall in love with our country, and to experience the true meaning of Japanese hospitality, which we call “omotenashi”. So what can we do to accomplish that? With this concept in mind, while we are a city hotel, the Shiba Park Hotel 151 offers services to provide Japanese inn-style hospitality.  

  • Shiba Park Hotel ~Tokyo Hamamatsucho~

    Shiba Park Hotel ~Tokyo Hamamatsucho~

    The Shiba Park Hotel was established in 1948 in a quiet neighborhood of Shibadaimon area, close to the Tokyo Tower, an iconic landmark of Tokyo, and Zojoji Temple, the Tokugawa family’s temple. When the Shiba Park Hotel opened, our mission was a hotel for foreign trade delegations, the Shiba Park Hotel still has this mission to welcome many foreign guests.  

  • JELLY JELLY CAFE [Board Game Cafe] ~Shibuya~

    JELLY JELLY CAFE [Board Game Cafe] ~Shibuya~

    We opened JELLY JELLY CAFE with the hopes of helping people who wonder: "By boardgames, do you mean like The Game of Life?" or "The rules and such seem too complex for me..." to say "Oh wow, boardgames are really fun!"  

  • One WORLD  [International Hair Salon] ~Azabu Juban~

    One WORLD [International Hair Salon] ~Azabu Juban~

    Thanks to our Salons location, We have welcomed international clients from over 30 different countries so far. We all speak English here in One World, please do not worry about any troubles with language communication!  

  • NOROSHI [Ramen]  ~Saitama~

    NOROSHI [Ramen] ~Saitama~

    We make a noodle that has appropriate crunchiness and richly flavor at the store every morning by mixing the selected A grade unbleached domestic flour and unbleached foreign flour. We spend the half of the day to make the soup contains the essence of bone of chicken, pork, and seafood, and the soup is rich but not so persistent.

  • Nagomi Style Cafe AKIBA [Internet Cafe] ~Akihabara~

    Nagomi Style Cafe AKIBA [Internet Cafe] ~Akihabara~

    It is a internet cafe in Akihabara with an image of a hotel in Kyoto. Step aside from the busy city and relax. Open 24 Hours, no closed days.  

  • Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! [bar] ~Sakuragicho – Yokohama~

    Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! [bar] ~Sakuragicho – Yokohama~

    Gimme Gimme Gimme is the international bar that serves you all drinks by 500 yen. You can communicate and have a fun with friendly staff or customers

  • KIDDY LAND Harajuku

    KIDDY LAND Harajuku

    "Kiddy Land Harajuku store" refurbished and evolved in July, 2012 and held its grand opening at Omotesando. Since then, “Harajuku Store” has become a landmark of Harajuku/Omotesando area.

  • Brillia SHORT SHORTS THEATER [Short Film Theater]~Yokohama~

    Brillia SHORT SHORTS THEATER [Short Film Theater]~Yokohama~

    The theater distributes the attractiveness of short film from Minatomirai, Yokohama. Its purpose is to share and promote the art of short film, which has gained recognition for being a thriving international and culturally-diverse industry. The theater supports and aspires to discover talented, young creators who will one day play key roles within the film industry.

  • Bunbougu Cafe [Cafe] ~Omotesando~

    Bunbougu Cafe [Cafe] ~Omotesando~

    "Bunbougu Cafe" has many stationeries that you can touch and use. There are libraries which have more than 100 books and magazines that relate to stationery goods. Also, we have tasty coffee and smooth music. People who love stationery or who create something new by stationery get together at "Bunbougu Cafe".

  • Ikemofu [Animal Room]  ~Ikebukuro~

    Ikemofu [Animal Room] ~Ikebukuro~

    This is the animal café that has prior to reservation. If you visit us without any reservation, we can welcome you if there is no other reservation. However, we have prior to the reserved customers first, so there is the possibility that you cannot come in. We recommend you to reserve when you come.

  • maidreamin “AKIHABARA  LIVE RESTAURANT Heaven’s Gate”

    maidreamin “AKIHABARA LIVE RESTAURANT Heaven’s Gate”

    It is the most excited store that also has live service enjoyed by osmosis of idol culture as well as original “Moe service” of a maid cafe like the former. Overseas one also has Japanese idol culture enjoyed, seeing a live show, and it has good reputation.

  • PURIKURA LAND NOA  ~Harajuku~

    PURIKURA LAND NOA ~Harajuku~

    The Purikura shop is opened in Harajuku at first in the heyday of purikura, which stands for print club, and people called here as "Mecca of Prikura" because its popularity have not changed over several decades.

  • BLUES T-BONE [Bar]~Kagoshima~

    BLUES T-BONE [Bar]~Kagoshima~

    No matter who you listen to music or not, T-BONE teaches you a "real blues" through the music. People who have been here are saying T-BONE is the vital place for music and Kagoshima. Now it is your turn to spread T-BONE to the world. Nice music, Nice people, and Nice talking will be the memorable time and make you to come here again. Let's "BLUES" with T-BONE.



    In April 1st, “NADESHIKO HOTEL SHIBUYA”, which is the capsule hotel for women who are tourists, is opened at Shibuya in Tokyo by USEN that is the biggest company of wire broadcasting. You can dress Yukata as rooms wear, and the customer services are like Japanese hotel.  

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